Job career at MS ActionAid Denmark Training Coordinator in Kenya 2013

Training Coordinator for Global Platform Kenya

Train the world! Change the world!

ActionAid Denmark’s training department, Training for Change, is seeking a motivated Training Coordinator at our youth training hub in Nairobi, Global Platform Kenya (Nairobi)

About Global Platforms and Global Platform Nairobi

The Global Platforms (GP) originated with ActionAid Denmark (AADK).

They are founded on experiential and participatory learning techniques that have evolved through AADK’s focus on empowerment and social change.

The GPs are a natural extension of AADK’s strong experience providing formal and non-formal training using participatory methods in high, middle and low income countries.

The first GPs were in Tanzania and Denmark in 2009, but have since grown to include the MENA region (trainings have been conducted in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria), El Salvador, Nepal, Myanmar and Kenya (Nanyuki and Nairobi).

Objectives for Global Platform Nairobi

To support young people to influence local and national level policies through our capacity building training programmes such as “Youth participation and Governance” and “Campaigning for Change” and via collaborations with ActionAid offices, partner organisations and through multi country campaigns.

To be a key driver in building the advocacy and campaigning capacity of ActionAid. Thereby supporting its transition into an organisation which plays a more explicit role in bringing change at a structural and policy level to achieve rights.

To obtain this GP Nairobi will strive to become the leading activism hub in East Africa well placed within the strategic objectives of ActionAid Kenya and the local rights programmes as well as
the objectives of our country programmes in the rest of Africa and internationally.

GP Nairobi will assist in empowering and organising African youth to claim their constitutional rights such as basic rights, women’s rights, land rights as well as holding duty bearers to account and secure participation in decision making at all levels.

About the job

Methodological strengthening and development: The Training Coordinator will work in close cooperation with the rest of the GP NAIROBI trainer team and provide strong support and input in the development of trainings and training material. The Training Coordinator should provide methodological input, guidance and support to the different training clusters and the team as a whole, in order to strengthen and develop the methodological capacities of the team. The Training Coordinator will also play an essential role in supporting the GP NAIROBI trainer team in the process of continued contextualization of the training material to fit within the East African context.

Training and facilitation: The Training Coordinator will be the main responsible in developing and conducting Training of Trainers at GP NAIROBI. As part of the methodological strengthening and development the Training Coordinator will also train and/or facilitate internal Training of Trainers workshops for the GP NAIROBI trainer team.

Development and establishment of Associate concept/voluntary trainer team: The participation of volunteer trainers is a substantial part of how trainings are developed, designed and delivered in AADK. A core task for the Training Coordinator will thus be the development of the set-up and framework around a group of voluntary trainers associated to the GP NAIROBI training clusters.
Research tasks: The Training Coordinator will be involved in research tasks of various kinds, related to the creative method development of the trainings and training material as well as the general Training of Trainers Framework within AADK.

About you

  • Insight and experience with non-formal education, and a clear understanding of AADK’s vision, strategy and structure.
  • Strong methodological skills and in-depth knowledge in the field of peer-to-peer, action-reflection learning and participatory training methods.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to pass on knowledge and inspire others.
  • Able to take initiative and responsibility of your own tasks and duties.
  • Adjust expectations to suit the reality on the ground when cooperating with different stakeholders both internally, as-well as externally.
  • Adapt to changes easily and with a positive and flexible attitude, and addresses conflicts in a constructive and open manner.
  • Prepared and accepting when cooperating with co-workers and partners with a different background, work culture and way of life than yourself.
  • Are clear and realistic in relation to setting expectations to others, concerning tasks, deadlines, responsibility and cooperation.
Employment Conditions

Contract period: 01.12.2013 to 31.10.2015

Monthly salary: DKK 13.966,00
Pension: 10% of the salary
You will have to pay tax of the salary

Global Platform positions is generally considered as un-accompanied positions.

How to Apply:

Click here to apply online

Deadline: 1st of November 2013

Interviews will be held in week 45
For more information contact GP Nairobi Manager Phillip K. Chikwiramako,
Deadline for applications: 1 November 2013
In AADK we believe in diversity and equal opportunities for both men and women. We encourage everybody to apply to any posted position regardless gender, cultural and ethnic background. ActionAid Denmark works for just and democratic governance and empowerment of the world’s poorest.We are affiliated with ActionAid International. Together, we fight poverty in more than 40 countries.

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