United Nations Development Programme: GEF Small Grants Programme  Request for Proposals

United Nations Development Programme

Request for Proposals

September 2013

GEF Small Grants Programme of UNDP

The Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) implemented by UNDP, provides grants for initiatives of communities and civil society organizations, to enable them implement projects in the focal areas of biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation, and sustainable
land management.

The community-based projects are designed to result in positive change in the
environment while at the same time supporting poverty reduction and local empowerment objectives.

In the current fifth operational phase, SGP Kenya’s approach is to promote the effective implementation of a series of innovative policies and norms that enable community stewardship of national resources.

In so doing, SGP Kenya intends to create a mosaic of land uses and community practices that provide sustainable livelihoods while generating global environmental benefits.
Below are four components that provide the framework under which community activities will be implemented.
Under each of the components is a list of outcomes that serve as examples that will contribute to SGP’s targets.
The list however is not exhaustive, and proponents are at liberty to propose alternative activities which are aligned to a specific component.
Each proposal should focus on one of the components below.
Component 1) Cross-cutting Capacity development and Knowledge management
a. Training workshops for stakeholders on project development and management, linked to environment conservation;
b. SGP projects monitored, knowledge products developed, media events organized and knowledge eco-fairs hosted;
c. Training programme on identification and tracking of indicators and project participatory monitoring organized.
Component 2) Maintenance and improvement of flow of forest and agro-system services to sustain livelihoods of local communities
a. Sustainable Land Management (SLM) in Laikipia county
i. Training program in SLM practices, alternative livelihood activities, and biodiversity conservation;
ii. Pilot projects to establish financial incentives for community-based SLM, including strengthening the capacities of local communities and their marketing groups to produce and market dryland goods and services, such as livestock and livestock products, dryland crops, e.g. aloe, eco-tourism and handicraft;
iii. Innovative means to enhance resilience to climate change of pastoral and farmer communities, including diversifying income sources through non land-based investments, promoting food crops suitable to changing climatic conditions;
iv. Demonstration of conservation agriculture as a tool to improve land management practices, and access to markets.
b. Kenya Forest (Charcoal) Rules
v. Create awareness on the Kenya Forest (charcoal ) rules, assist communities to establish charcoal producing associations (CPAs) and to produce and sell charcoal in line with the rules.
Component 3) Climate change mitigation through capacity development and promotion of low-carbon technologies at community level
a. Installation of biogas units, particularly in the Mt. Kenya region;
b. Promote adoption of renewable energy technologies for off-grid communities.
Component 4) Sustainable management of Landscapes and Seascapes for biodiversity conservation
a. Community Conservancies in Laikipia
i. Training programme on sustainable rangeland management and biodiversity conservation for community conservancies;
ii. Strengthening of conservancy management plans and implementation of sections of the plans;
iii. Partnerships developed for conservation and sustainable rangeland management between private ranches/foundations and communities;
iv. Develop set of common indicators for monitoring performance of communities’ conservancies.
b. Conservation of significant coastal and marine biodiversity
i. Establish/strengthen CFAs for mangrove conservation;
ii. Strengthen implement management plans for LMMAs/Co-management areas;
iii. MUs and other community groups implement marine conservation activities at…
c. Mt. Kenya Eco-system
i. Implementation of forest management plans by CFAs and their members;
ii. Innovative conservation projects by WRUAs and other NGOs/CBOs contributing to conservation of Mt. Kenya forest.
d. Conservation of significant coastal and marine biodiversity
i. Establishment/strengthening of CFAs for mangrove conservation;
ii. Develop and implement management plans for LMMAs/Co-management areas;
iii. Conservation of significant marine biodiversity – in sites that encompass fish refugia, sea grass beds, corals, threatened or endemic species.
All proposals must be developed using the GEF SGP proposal guidelines, and they should contribute to the project targets as set out in the project framework.
For additional information, including the proposal guidelines and project framework, access the GEF SGP Kenya website at www.gefsgp-undp.or.ke, or contact Mary Mbaabu mary.mbaabu@undp.org tel: 762-4474 (landline).
Proposals are to be sent by e-mail to nancy.chege@undp.org by 12 noon Wednesday October 9th 2013.
Only short-listed proposals will be acknowledged by November 15th 2013.

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